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Basic DBS/Disclosure Scotland (DS) Checks For Individuals

DBS Checks Online provide Basic DBS and Disclosure Scotland Checks to individuals. The process is quick, easy and in most cases the applicant will receive their electronic result within 24 to 48 hours* and their hard copy certificate a few days later.

How does it work?

Click on the button below which will take you to the Basic DBS/DS application form. 

Enter the organisation reference CARECHECKBASICS and the code also as CARECHECKBASICS

Complete the Basic DBS or Disclosure Scotland (DS) Basic application form and make payment.

  • Basic DBS £40 inc VAT
  • Disclosure Scotland £47 inc VAT

You will then need to have your identity documents certified at the Post Office before sending photos or scans of the certified document back to us so we can verify your identity. Once you have completed your application form we’ll send you a guide on how to locate your nearest participating Post Office. The Post Office charge £12.75 for this service and details can be found here.

If you have been sent to the DBS Checks Online site to complete a DBS Check by an organisation who is registered with us please ensure you go back to the main home page and click on  Applicant Login             (Start a DBS Check

*Basic DBS Checks can take anything up to 14 days to process, however 90% come back within 48 hours.

*Basic Disclosure Scotland Checks take 7 to 14 days to complete on averag




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