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How Long Does a DBS Last in The UK?

Nov 25, 2022 | DBS

DBS checks are a common part of job applications and candidate checks. Many industries across the UK request or even demand a DBS check to be carried out before you can be offered a position in an organisation, so it is extremely beneficial to have a good understanding of the DBS process.

One of the questions we are most regularly asked is: how long does a DBS last in the UK? In this post, DBS Checks Online answers this question and takes a deeper look at the validity and expiration of DBS checks.

How Long do DBS Checks Last?

A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check actually does not expire, it simply becomes invalid. This is because the check’s information is only technically valid until the point at which it is carried out. 

As DBS checks show an individual’s transgressions (of various natures, depending on the type of DBS check) up until the point at which it is requested, they need to take place again from time to time. Otherwise, for example, an organisation can be put in the position of accepting a candidate who was a lawful citizen up until the check was done five years ago and has since been put on List 99.

DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

How Long is a DBS Valid For?

Most authorities recommend that a DBS check take place every three years, in order to avoid a potential issue like the one mentioned above. It is completely up to employers to decide if and when a member of staff needs their DBS check renewed, as well if a new candidate’s recent DBS check will suffice, or if they need a new check. It is the employers responsibility to ensure they have the most accurate information on an employee or potential employee. 

There is also a DBS update service that allows employees to keep their DBS check up to date. Employers can also check whether a DBS check is up to date on this service. However, the employee must first register with the DBS update service in order for an employer to gain access to this information.

Why Do DBS Checks Need To Be Renewed?

Since it is not legally required to renew a DBS check regularly, you may be wondering why, as an employer, you should have a new check done every three years. Quite simply, DBS certificates are essential for safeguarding requirements in various industries. 

This is so up-to-date information can be disclosed and taken into account. Cautions, convictions, reprimands or warnings that have happened since the last DBS check was carried out will then be disclosed, giving employers a current understanding of the candidate’s transgressions. This is particularly important if the candidate will be working with children or vulnerable adults, but it can be important in every industry.

Do You Need to Request A DBS Check?

If you need to request a DBS check for a new candidate or existing employee, get in touch with us today, or register online for our range of pre-employment screening checks. If you aren’t sure what type of check is needed for your industry or specific circumstances, you can talk to one of our expert advisors, who will be happy to point you in the right direction.



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