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How Do You Safeguard Vulnerable Adults?

Dec 8, 2022 | DBS


Unfortunately, there are some groups of people in our society who are unable to care for themselves. These vulnerable people are often taken advantage of and face abuse. This is why understanding the definition of vulnerable adults, as well as the ways you can safeguard them, is so important.

What Is The Definition Of A Vulnerable Adult?

A vulnerable adult is defined as anyone aged 18 years or older who cannot protect themselves from harm, abuse or exploitation. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as age, disability, illness, impairments or mental health issues. 

What Forms Of Abuse Do Vulnerable Adults Face? 

In vulnerable adults, abuse can occur in many forms and may be inflicted deliberately or due to a lack of thought or attention. This abuse could take place on one occasion or multiple times. 

Some of the forms of abuse faced by vulnerable adults include: 

  • Neglect: This abuse includes ignoring an individual’s basic needs as well as failing to provide them with the care or education they need. 
  • Sexual abuse: Rape, sexual harassment and even indecent exposure can be classed as sexual abuse. 
  • Physical abuse: This can include actions such as being pushed, slapped, restrained or actions that lead to burns, cuts, internal injuries or black eyes. 
  • Bullying: Refers to harming, intimidating or coercing an individual and can be committed by carers, family, friends and many others. 
  • Financial abuse: Someone who steals from or misuses the money of a vulnerable adult is committing financial abuse. 
  • Psychological abuse: Includes threatening, taunting, isolating or creating fear in a vulnerable adult. 
  • Institutional abuse: This typically occurs in care homes, hospitals, or other support centres where the individuals who are meant to be safeguarding the vulnerable are, in fact, abusing them. 

Discrimination: This abuse occurs due to differences in personal characteristics like gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc.

DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

Signs Abuse May Be Happening

If you see a vulnerable adult who has bruises, burns, apparent lack of personal care, or who is displaying nervousness or personality changes may be experiencing abuse. 

Other indicators of abuse in vulnerable adults could include: 

  • Poor living conditions or confinement to a single room
  • Excessive controlling behaviour by care providers or family members
  • Lack of physical or financial freedom 
  • Lacking mobility aids 

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults & Preventing Abuse

Preventing the abuse of vulnerable adults is critical. This is where safeguarding comes in, which refers to ensuring the protection of an individual’s right to live a safe life, free from neglect or abuse. 

The Care Act of 2014 is a legal framework that supports safeguarding and protection. The six principles that are set out within this framework are:

  • Protection
  • Empowerment
  • Accountability
  • Prevention
  • Proportionality 
  • Partnerships 

What Can You Do?

Vulnerable adults are often unable to defend themselves which is why it’s critical that each of us does our part to protect them. 

If you have a family member who needs to move into a care facility or have someone move into their home and provide support for them, you should start by reviewing their enhanced DBS check. Ideally, you want to look for someone who has recently completed one of these checks. This will highlight convictions against them, cautions, reprimands as well as whether they have been barred from working with vulnerable groups. 

It’s also crucial to have regular visitations and check-ins; this can help with picking up abuse, should it occur. Abusers often try to isolate their victims, so ensure your loved one keeps an active social life. Should there be a carer or anyone else who insists on spending excessive amounts of time with them, you should be wary.



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