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DBS Checks For Cleaners

Dec 9, 2022 | DBS

There are many professions that require applicants to have undergone a DBS check. This is done for many reasons, but in essence, a DBS check can indicate to an employer whether you would be suitable for the role. 

More importantly, it will be used to determine whether you are permitted to work with vulnerable groups, such as children and the elderly, as these groups must be safeguarded at all costs. 

When it comes to the cleaning profession, there can be some confusion. In some instances, they may work in schools or hospitals; in other cases, they may only work in the retail sector. Here, we look at what DBS checks a cleaner may require. 

What Is A DBS Check? 

DBS checks are criminal background checks carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service. These checks are often used by employers to vet candidates and make better, more informed decisions regarding the people they employ and allow into their work environments. 

Such checks can be vital, especially in situations where there are children or vulnerable adults who need to be safeguarded. 

There are three levels of DBS Checks that an employer can ask for, based on the role the applicant is looking to fill, namely the basic, standard and enhanced DBS check.

DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

What DBS Check Does A Cleaner Need?

It’s likely that all cleaners will, at a minimum, have to undergo a basic DBS check. This will assist an employer in vetting the individual. However, cleaning agencies will know what type of environments their employees will be working in and, therefore, which level of DBS check they will require. 

For example, cleaners who will be working in environments where children or vulnerable adults will be present will require an enhanced DBS check. Ideally, cleaning agencies should stipulate the type of check an applicant will need in the job description. 

Do Self-Employed (Domestic Cleaners) Need DBS Checks? 

For domestic cleaners, it is likely that they will only be able to present a potential employer with a basic DBS check, as it’s the only one that can be obtained by an individual. This will only unspent convictions against them. It’s unlikely that you, as a homeowner, will be able to request any higher DBS check. 

The only time where you may be able to request a higher level of check is when the cleaner will have other responsibilities in the home, such as caring for children or elderly family members.



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